CoffeeStain Ltd

What Are We Doing?

CoffeeStain Ltd mainly creates websites from A to Z; from the idea to the final product, we are working hard to give the best to our customers.

One of our main work in progress is creating a set of products for different career websites we put online.

CoffeeStain Ltd is also diversifying activities from career and employment to chauffeured-services. A lot of stuffs are in the making.

Stay tuned, more to come in the future!

Who Are We?

Our ♥ team includes experienced professionals from all horizons: amazing content writers, helpful customer service representatives (also community managers at time), skillful webmasters and developers, and key experienced people helping CoffeeStain Ltd.’s growth in ways that without them, it would've been impossible to start!

Why "CoffeeStain"?

Because every company requires a name and we are all caffeinated geeks... so "CoffeeStain" was appropriate.

Contact Us

You can drop us an email with any questions you might have: